Unique reversible thermo-sensitive characteristics

Synthetic origin and no batch-to-batch variation

Bio-degradable and non-toxic

Elastic behavior as collagen

Bio-functional applications through custom-made specific hydrogels

Our goal is to develop and to manufacture the best synthetic gels supporting and supplying our customers with a variety of applications to accelerate research and development in life science, healthcare and environment

Noviocell: A highly innovative biotech company

Noviocell will build upon its expertise on synthetic hydrogel technologies. These hydrogels have a soft thermo-responsive helical poly-iso-cyano-peptides and are called PIC hydrogels.

The unique combination of a tunable bio-functionality and the bio-mechanics of the PIC-hydrogels make them excellent matrices.

Noviocell develops them into easy-to-use solutions for the biomedical research, the biotech, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and food.

Noviocell BV
Noviocell BV is a highly innovative biotech company that was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Noviocell BV has obtained the exclusive license in order to perform the research, development, the manufacturing and sales of the PIC-gels for a broad range of applications.


Noviocell is collaborating with a large number of universities located in The Netherlands and abroad, participating in various projects.

Noviocell’s main customers are cell biologists at academic institutions, government labs, hospitals, bio-tech- and pharmaceutical industries.

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