Noviocell BV is a highly innovative biotech company. It focuses on the development of the first ever synthetic solution for 3D cell culturing, ranging from organoid growth to personalized medicine. 

Noviocell will build upon its two proprietary hydrogel technologies; the soft thermo-responsive helical oligo(ethylene)glycol polyisocyanopeptides (PICs) hydrogel and the programmed self-assembly of peptide-modified cyclohexane triacid derivatives into self-assembled nanofibers and develop them into easy-to-use solutions for biomedical researchers, biotech and pharma industry and clinicians. 

The potential of 3D cell culturing is evident: never before have we been able to assess the complexity of (human) biology in such a detailed manner. Recent highlights include brain, liver and disease-specific organoids (which especially have shown tremendous value in combination with gene editing technology such as CRISPR/CAS). These will contribute to our understanding of health and disease as well as identification of new therapeutic targets and biomarkers. But to fully leverage the potential of 3D cell culturing it is necessary to address three key bottlenecks: robustness, scalability and clinical use. 

The most commonly used matrices are from animal origin. This leads to batch-to-batch variability resulting in inconsistencies in results. Noviocell will build upon its synthetic hydrogels and develop them into easy-to-use solutions. ‚ÄčThe unique combination of tunable biofunctionality and biomechanics of the hydrogels make them excellent matrices for 3D cell culture or regenerative medicine.

“Our mission: To accelerate life science research by making 3D cell culture feasible for every cell biology researcher.”


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