Noviogel acts as a novel wound dressing

Full-thickness dorsal skin wounds in mice were treated with Noviogel for 3 and 7 days. No foreign body reaction, but even a significant decrease in granulocyte population in the wound was observed.

Two excisional wounds were created using a disposable 4- mm skin biopsy punch. A single dose of 50 µl of Noviogel-P or Noviogel-RGD was applied. to the wound. The addition of Noviogel did not affect the wound size. The wound healed quickly and was almost closed at day 7. 

The local tissue response to Noviogel  was analyzed and no indication of foreign body reponse was seen based on the number of giant cells. Other toxic effects were examined by counting the number of granulocytes or macrophages. A strong increase in granulocytes was observed at day 3 but interestingly, at day 7 the presence of Noviogel significantly decreased the amount of granulocytes likely because no bacteria could penetrate the wound. Noviogel-RGD had no advantage over Noviogel-P.

This study showed that Noviogel acts as a novel wound dressing. Because it gelates upon contact with the human body, and remain in place without any additional support. Furthermore, it can be easily and painless applied and removed because of its reversible thermosensitive behavior. Future development will focus on the delivery of therapeutic drugs and the application in larger and more complicated wounds. 

Reference: Roel C.op ‘t Veld et al. Thermosensitive biomimetic polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels may facilitate wound repair. Biomaterials Volume 181, October 2018, Pages 392-401