Team Noviocell

Noviocell has the right staff on board with respect to knowledge and flexibility. The team is result driven. Nobody is good at every- thing therefore at Noviocell a high diversity of people are present, working together as a team.

Management team

Mirjam Klein Rot, CEO

Mirjam joined Noviocell in September 2019 after having demonstrated success in leading large and medium-sized teams. She is skilled in all kinds off biomaterial production techniques for pharmaceutical use, research, product development, production and implemented the registration of biomaterials and diagnostic products according to cGMP and ISO and FDA regulations.

Peter Nelissen, CEO

Peter has years of experience as a manager in R&D- Development- and Manufacturing Departments dealing with pharmaceutical and diagnostic products, with a broad knowledge of associated regulations, such as ISO and FDA. Peter joined Noviocell in September 2019.

Menno de Jong, CTO

Menno joined Noviocell in November 2017 after spending many years developing and commercializing biomaterials in company and aca- demic settings. He holds a PhD in Supramolecular Chemistry from the University of Twente.

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