Noviocell BV proposes a novel ground breaking technology that will radically improve stem cell research, will revolutionise the field of 3D cell culture, will enable personalised drug screening and will reform the current therapeutic options for regenerative medicine.

Noviogel (PIC) is a fully synthetic biomimetic extracellular matrix; however, it has almost identical biomechanical properties to natural matrices. The complex chemistry of the polymer allows the organisation into a helix-like structure that is similar to the conformation of collagen, abundantly present in the ECM. In addition, the porous fibrous polymer network has a stiffness that increases under applied force similar to collagen or fibrin. 

Syntrix is an unique solution to the problem of building a synthetic, bioactive matrix approaching the versatility of the natural ECM at an affordable price. Syntrix uses a modular approach to this challenge, building a complex, versatile system through self-assembly of a small number of simple building blocks. Syntrix products and prototypes consist of very simple building blocks. These assemble into nanofibers that resemble the morphology of individual ECM components. 

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Our mission: To accelerate life science research by making 3D cell culture feasible for every cell biology researcher.

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